08 January 2008

Freelancing the night away...

after a hiatus, i'm up again at chicagoist.com.

check out my DRM blurb here.

if you missed it or i forgot to email you, here's my wu tang blurb.

again, it's really small beans, unpaid gig, but it's a writing gig on a pretty great local website that's part of a larger-nationwide blog network.

it's something. and it's fun. no complaints.

ps - of interest to only katie, one of my sample posts that got me the chance at doing this was a show preview i wrote for the upcoming uncle earl show in a few weeks. we'll see if i can get them to actually run it when the show comes around.

pps - it got cut by my editor - and probably wisely so - but the whole Sony-going-DRM-free item is kind of a crock. rather than just download mp3's from the net, you have to go to a store (like target or wal-mart) and buy a gift card looking thing. there's a card for each of the measly 37 records that are available (or will be on jan. 15th) and on the back is a code you enter in to a website to download the record. cost is $12.99. or about $3 more than the record will cost you on iTunes, though iTunes aint DRM-free. whatever.