24 November 2007

Too Bad, So Sad


A fantastic Alabama Thanksgiving is coming to a close tomorrow evening. It's been a great time, a very low-key, relaxed holiday. Exactly what I was hoping for. Baby Sister is off in Virginia with the probably soon-to-be future brother-in-law so it's just me, Mom, Papa Bear, and the dog. And it's been fantastic. Stuffed full of food: turkey, roast, potatoes (both mashed and sweet), stuffing, rolls, carrots, pies of diffent varieties, etc. I even made it to the gym this morning with Mom, courtesy of a guess pass. I didn't even have to leave the house to do the one piece of shopping I did Friday morning, which was buying Seasons 2,3,4 and 5 of The Sopranos of DVD for $25 each.

I've managed to finally take Franklin's advice (from 2 years ago) and have blasted my way through most of the "Firefly" DVD set I got Papa Bear for Christmas last year. Great show. Easy to see why it was cancelled: cause it was on FOX and good. Also fun to see Adam Baldwin (from the new show "Chuck" which is a new favorite at Team Henderson HQ). Anyway. Lots of football, TV, quality time with the dog, and a variety of pies? Faaaaaaantastic.

And you're probably thinking to yourself, Well, Marcus, sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving.

Well, almost. See, there's a littl football game known as the Iron Bowl, going down in a few hours. An Auburn victory will be the PERFECT cap to this weekend. While it has been overlooked on the national scale since both teams haven't come into the game ranked in several years, it's still one of the fiercest rivalries in the country.

It will be interesting to see which Brandon Cox shows up tonight. I've been working on a post on him, but we'll wait to see how he does tonight before we finish that off. It's just great to be back in state for this game. I miss being here to get the hype. And it'll be great to mute Mike Patrick's god-awful play by play and listen to the great radio call from the Auburn Radio Network for once.

But, whatever the outcome, I can live, knowing LSU LOST!!!! You know, I tried really hard this year when it appeared LSU was the SEC's only chance to make the BCS Championship Game. In New Orleans, no less. But fuck. I'm just that bitter about the Auburn game again. I have yet to receive the usual text or email messages blaming the game on the officials or Coach Miles not being prepared (anything except, you know, the other team actually being better).

By halftime last night, I just couldn't believe it. LSU was struggling and I just had to root for Arkansas. We're probably heading for an Ohio State-West Virginia title game, but I don't care. I really don't mind LSU lost, and after having to see about 30 different replays of Byrd's mircaulous game-winning catch to beat Auburn this year (not bitter at all, why do you ask?), I am loving every replay of the Arkansas interception at the end of triple overtime.

Poor, poor Matt Flynn (photo from the AP)

Seriously, I'd love for the SEC to whoop the Big 10's ass again, even LSU cause they're the best team in the SEC (and Georgia, maybe), but hell. They're a rival and you can't help but enjoy a rival's loss. Like Bama and Louisiana-Monroe.

So if Good Brandon can show up tonight, I will be thrilled and we can put a cap on this as the best Thanksgiving since the Great European Adventure of '03.

I'd like to welcome Virginia Tech CB Brandon Flowers to the "Courtney Taylor Hall of Fame" for badass college atheletes with the same name as pansy ass indie rockers.

Brandon Flowers, meet Brandon Flowers

Looking for a more eleoquent pro-Auburn take on the upcoming Iron Bowl? Look in the blogroll to the right and head over to buddy Jerry's "Joe Cribbs Car Wash."

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